Friday, October 16, 2009

Peanut and His Donut

A few months ago I had eye surgery and two friends, one from New York and one from New Jersy sent me pincushions to make me feel better. I am so bad about posting that they never were properly thanked by a post on the blog. So here is a picture of Peanut (thanks Robin) and his Donut (thanks Peggy). I have coveted these particular pincushions for quite some time. You see we all go to a Retreat in Indiana and I have never gotten one of these in our swap, despite my whining, crying and begging. I would have to say the eye surgery was almost worth it just to get the pincushions.


Conni said...

Hooray! You FINALLY got a Peanut! LOL!!!

peggy said...

You crack me up....I've started mass producing those small donuts so I have them on hand whenever anyone has surgery or anything major happens...ya know, a good donut definitely brightens everyone's day!!!

Hitties...hmmmm I'm not on board yet with those.

Robin said...

LOL OMG Vickie, that elephant will never be the same! LOL glad you're recovering great and enjoy those pincushions!