Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fat Quarter Shop Mystery

Got my 4th block in the mystery BOM done. This is record time as I only received it Friday. Using my iPad for this post as I am waiting on my Verizon wireless modem to get here.  We kicked Comcast to the curb. They should have gotten here faster that 5days to fix my Internet. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just a short post, since I have been away awhile and the post I just did seemed to dissapear before posting.  Here is a quilt I made for Tater Tot the new grandbaby coming in October.  Her brother Jake has named her and even though it's not her real name, it has become a permanant nickname.  The quilt was made like one that Karen brought to the Indiana retreat last year.  Just chenille and flannel. 
Also, made a few burb cloths from cloth diapers and a bib.  A girl has to dress up for dinner.

Also, been working on a few other things, but those will have to wait.  Will post a picture of the Hooterville quilt later, too.