Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just a short post, since I have been away awhile and the post I just did seemed to dissapear before posting.  Here is a quilt I made for Tater Tot the new grandbaby coming in October.  Her brother Jake has named her and even though it's not her real name, it has become a permanant nickname.  The quilt was made like one that Karen brought to the Indiana retreat last year.  Just chenille and flannel. 
Also, made a few burb cloths from cloth diapers and a bib.  A girl has to dress up for dinner.

Also, been working on a few other things, but those will have to wait.  Will post a picture of the Hooterville quilt later, too.

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Michelle said...

The quilt looks like it will be nice and snuggly for tater tot! :) Love the John Deere burp cloths too.