Friday, January 1, 2010

A Good Start

Happy 2010 to everyone. This is going to be a year of great change. Hopefully, that doesn't mean I will be drowning in coins, but making changes. The first was today January 1st, 2010 when we sat at the table to eat our black eye peas for luck and cabbage for prosperity in the coming year. The food we ate was the same as it has been for my entire life, sitting at the table was new. DH and I tried to figure out how many years it has been since we sat at our table to eat. We think about 25 years. So if you don't usually sit at the table don't feel alone. We may be back in our comfy chairs tomorrow, but for today it was the table.

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Christie said...

Oh Vickie you cracked me up with the comment about be showered with coinage because 2010 will be a year of great change!!! Hi-lar-ee-us!