Sunday, June 3, 2012

Civil War Anniversary

Purchased this book from Rosemary Youngs, joined her yahoo group and have made the first two blocks.  I ordered the CD, to make it easier, just print and sew.  Well, easier after I remember how to use the CD.  Anyway if you would like to make the quilts and be motivated, buy the book, join the group and get busy.  Here are my first two blocks. I found the Civil War fabric at The Stitcher's Garden in Franklin, TN on my roadtrip to Indy for my retreat.  Sorry, they don't have a website, but it is a crazy store if you are in the area, go visit.

Also, got a charity top made.  This one is going to to an orphanage, you can read about it on Rosemary Youngs site, also.  I am trying to use up a lot of fabric and spread some cheer around.  Going to make duplicate quilts, but send them to different places.

Gave up on weeding flower beds and decided sewing was more fun.

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Michelle said...

Aaacckkk! I would probably love doing that book, but I must.stay.away. LOL Love the little quickie strippie quilt! I still need to quilt the one I made at retreat. LOL