Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot Dry Summer

Here in Texas we are under severe drought and heat conditions.  Yesterday, we got about 3 hours of drizzle.  Not hard enough to be considered rain, but we will take it, just wishing for real rain.

I have been trying to stay in under airconditioning and sew.  Also, sorting through junk because we have embarked on house revisions, which means get rid of things not used so we don't have to step over those as well as the boxed up things as we demo.  Also, I finally have central air in my new sewing room, so I may gradually move into the room.  Right now it is just nice to look at it without any clutter.

Here are two blocks from my Maltaville progress.  I still love doing these blocks.  They are simple and it gives me great pleasure to finish a block.
Finally finished Block 1 of Sue Garman's Bouquet for a New Day.  Have not prepped Block 2, so don't look for any picture of it anytime soon.
That's it for now.  Back to catching up on some of my piecing.


Angela said...

You are the applique queen! Sorry you all are so dry. I have been hearing about it. We are okay right now.

Conni said...

Love the star in the background of the Sue Garmon piece!

Robin said...

your Maltaville and Bouquet blocks are gorgeous Vickie!! great job!