Monday, September 5, 2011

Can't believe Sept is here

Where has the year gone?  Today is far cooler than it has been after 30 days of at least 100 degree weather, temps in the 90's seem downright cool.  Lots going on both in and on the house.  One bathroom is in the rebuild stage.  New windows in 2 rooms and a bit of the siding on.  Too early to post pictures of that.

I am so excited to have received the BOM Fly Away with Me from Material Obsessions in Australia.  This is the 2nd BOM I have done with them.  This one just tickled my fancy. LOL  I am starting it today.

Also, doing the new Piece O Cake.  Bought this as a kit.  It is just so darn cheerful.  Got the 1st block done.  I plan to work on Fly Away with me and keep up with it and do all the other things in between.

I have done some prep for the 2nd Bouquet for a New Day and Maltaville.  Lots started this year, maybe I will finish a lot next year.

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Michelle said...

You do the most interesting projects, Vickie!! I can't believe it's September either...this year has gone incredibly fast!!